Exercises with Mechanical Devices


Questions and Answers

Q. Can progressive myopia be checked by exercises?

Ans. Yes, but one has to do them regularly.

Q. Can squint in a child be helped by exercises?

Ans. Yes, proper health care and orthoptic exercises are helpful.

Q. Can cataract be removed by a natural way?

Ans. It can be removed in the early stage. In advanced cases surgery is necessary. It restores normal vision.

Q. What do you say about the cause of Retinitis Pigmentosa (Night Blindness)?

Ans.This is a defect of the retinal layer. Small pigments are seen and gradually they cover the whole of the retina and cause blindness. Proper treatment with Vitamin A can improve the condition.

Q.What is the Russian way of treatment by Microsurgery?

Ans.This is the latest invention by a Russian eye specialist Dr. Svyotoslov Fyodorov. Thousands of operations have been done in U.S.S.R and in India. Some eye hospitals have started doing the operation on the Russian lines on myopic patients.

Exercises with Mechanical Devices